Spur Gear

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Product Description

Spur gears are widely accepted as the most efficient type of gearing solution, when the application of transmitting power and uniform rotary motion from one parallel shaft to another is required. Determined by the center distance, spur gears create a steady functioning speed drive. This drive speed can be decreased or increased by the variable number of teeth that exist in the driving gear.

spur gear

Several of our custom spur gears have been used in gear train applications – where multiple gears are required to have the same pressure angle and diameter pitch. They are available in plastic, non-metallic, brass, steel and cast iron. In addition ,these parts are manufactured many style types: plain, web, web with lightening holes, and web with spokes. Many are available with or without hubs.


Gear transmission refers to the device that transmits motion and power from the gear pair. It is the most widely used mechanical transmission method in modern quipment. Its transmission is more accurate, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation and long ervice life.Our gears can be heat treated, hardened, oil immersed according to customer needs.



small custom stainless steel brass spur gear

Steel Spur Gear

Aluminum Brass Cast Iron Spur Gear

High Precision Spur Gear

Plastic Spur Gear 

Tractor Spur Gear

Drive Spur Gears


Large Diameter Metal Stainless Steel Spur Gear

Pinions Spur Gears Helical Gear 

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Our gear are used for window machine, engraving machine, lift machine, opener rack, CNC machine, automobile, industrial usage so on.The main features of our gear:
1 Instantaneous gear ratio constant
2 Large range of gear ratios for deceleration or speed increase
3 The transmission efficiency is high. (A pair of high-precision involute cylindrical gears with an efficiency of over 99%)
4 Compact design for short-distance transmission
5 Reliable work and long life



A gear is a tooth element,These tooths are mounted on a wheel which rotates and transmits motion.
The basic function ofan gear is to transmit rotary motion as well as power from one shaft to another.
Gears can also be used to amplify power.
Almost in every machine where speed control is needed gears are used

1. High Transmission Efficiency Can Reach 99.7%
2. High Loading Capacity: With the same external dimension, the loading capacity is 15%~20% averagely higher than that of straight-tooth coupling



3. Large Angular Compensation: The maximum allowable angular misalignment is 1.5°, 50% higher than that of straight-tooth coupling
4. More Scientific Gear Tooth Design: It avoids local stress concentration caused by straight tooth edge extrusion, and tooth surface friction is eased at the same time.
5. Gear tooth of external gear sleeve is horn-shaped, which makes it easy to install and dismantle.
6. Long Service Life: The internal and external gear teeth are made of high strength alloy steel. After quenched-tempered heat treatment, gear teeth rigidity and wear resistance are improved.





1. The workers are trained to inspect the gears and notice any defect in production in time.
2. We will check 1pcs every 100pcs in CNC machining, and gears will meet all dimension tolerances.
3. Gears will be inspected at every step, and gears will be inspected before shipment, and all inspection records will be kept in our factory for three years.

Quality Control

4. Our sales will send you pictures at every gears production steps, and you will know the detailed production status, and you can notice any possibility of mistake, for our sales, We and workers are keeping close watch on all production.
5. You will feel us working very carefully to assure the quality and easy to work with,
6. we cherish every inquiry, every opportunity to make gears and parts and cherish every customer.


1. Molds designs as per customers’ gears drawing;
2. Submitting molds drawings to customers to review and confirm before mols production.
3. Providing samples with whole dimensions and cosmetic inspection report, material certification to customers.
4. Providing inspection report of important dimensions and cosmetic in batches parts.